Autumn Bliss

First I want to introduce to my customers and a new Pipe Box( woodenware) that I just released.  It took quite a bit of back and forth to get the design perfect, as you can see the frame is integrated into the box, so It doesn't look like a box with a frame stuck on it!.  It follows the curves of some old timey pipe boxes and I painted it aged pewter over caramel, and a second color released is caramel over aged pewter. (yep, just reversed them)   Those colors were Lone Elm Oldies, but  just happened to complement each other very nicely for the layered look. 

I released two new patterns for these pipe boxes, " Hopes and Dreams Mini Sampler" stitched on 36 count over two, with a verse and and garden...and birds.  The second pipe box patterns is a bouquet, "Sweet Fragrance" with a needle and pin book throwing back to the sweet fragrance of the pipe/tobaccos.   

Fall flowers patter and Le Cygnet Nooir was made for a black clamping pin cushion, which is also listed on this site.   Thanks for letting me chat and always open to suggestions, new ideas, colors..etc. 

I hope everyone has a blessed fall, filled with grace and mercies from our Lord, the only source of lasting peace and joy.