April 2017

Lone Elm Lane has introduced a new "Colonial" frame that is inspired by architectural woodwork,

specifically a baseboard.  You will have to see it to understand, but it hangs on a wall or stands,

has a removable back that allows easy switching of designs.  It was released with my new pattern

titled:  Swan Lake, which is a design that is original from Lone Elm Lane, but a throwback to the 

design style of Rufus Porter, a muralist that painted walls in homes (mansions) on the eastern 

seaboard in the 19th century.  

Also recently released is a pattern "Sweet Bird" with a verse that  I feel is appropriate, in that the

birds always seem cheerful despite the weather, or the predators, or hunger.

 The third pattern I released is a sort of Samplar. I used it as a Birth Samplar, but really the soft

colors and simple design would lend itself to any occassion, customize with names and dates,

change the vase color to Pecan Pie thread if less lacey look is desired.  As always, thanks for

looking at Lone Elm Lane. Please feel free to offer suggestions at Loneelmlane@gmail.com.