Shaker Box Mounting Instructions

Lone Elm Lane Early Wooden Wares & Designs

Supplies Needed for Mounting on Shaker Boxes:

 (Read all directions before starting)



Needle with large eye and crochet thread or 6 strand DMC floss

Batting, whatever you have on hand or standard batting

Double sided foam tape

For mounting with Masonite rings:  

 I cut some batting the size of the ring and use one or two layers.

 Measure with ruler around the outside of the design marking  with pins a circle that is two inches larger all the way around the design (9.5-10” inch circle for the 6” box and 11.5-12” circle for the 8” box).

I baste stitch that circle around the design on the front side of the design.  Leave 3” tails on both ends. 

Lay stitching face down on table, center batting on top of stitching, followed by the ring and pull ends of basting threads and cinch, smoothing edges, tying  a very good knot on back.

You can tuck in corners and flatten more with iron is needed. Then I use Foam double stick foam squares or tape and adhere it to the batting in the center of the back and to the wood on the box lid.


Instead of attaching the batting to the box, I cut a circle out of calico quilt fabric. You can use the Masonite ring as a pattern.  Lay the calico right side up over the back of the cinched  stitching above, and then center it and pin a few places to keep it from shifting. Then I use sewing thread and use the needle to turn the edge of the calico under and make an applique stitch all around. This really makes a smooth back to stick the double face tape too.