8" Shaker Box Mounting Instructions

You will need:

  • 8” circle of muslin
  • 1-2 layers of batting (8” round)
  • double sided foam mounting tape
  • heavy thread
  • ruler
  • scissors  

Create your design on a background fabric of 14 x 14 inches to leave enough fabricto cinch around the back of the mounting ring.  The actual design/stitch area is the size of the box top, 7-7/8”.  Center design on the fabric.  After design completion, draw a circle centered around your design of 13” diameter and and then use heavy crochet thread or six strands of cross stitch thread, and baste stitch on that line, on the right side of the fabric.  Leave extra thread on both ends of basting. Trace around the masonite circle onto 2-3 layers of batting and one layer of muslin or calico. Lay stitched design face down on table, place the 7- 7/8 inch circles of batting centered over the design on the back side followed by the masonitering, grab ends of basting threads and pull, drawing edges to the back of the mounting ring, gently smooth fabric as you tighten basting threads.until fabric is smooth and tight around the ring.  Tie a good knot or tie a bow.  You may trim off the excess fabric corners if bulky. Place muslin or calico circle face up over back of gathered design and center and pin in place. I use a whip or applique stitche and needle turn the edges under 1/4 inch as I stitch it to the linen for a nice finished look to the back of the stitching. Use double sided foam tape to secure muslin to top of box.