Oh Glorious Day- Pattern --Thread Update

As you probably quickly figured out, (me, not so quickly)  I failed to put the actual WEEKS DYE WORKS thread colors on the pattern that were used for stitching the design shown on the pattern cover. Instead I listed the DMC alternatives only.  Here is the WDW list of threads: 

DMC 301 = WDW  Cognac          DMC 553 = WDW  Iris                   DMC 646 = WDW Seagull

DMC 648 = WDW Tin Roof         DMC 729 = WDW Gold                 DMC 869 = WDW Havana

DMC 926 = WDW Cadet            DMC  951 = WDW Babys Breath    DMC 3011 = WDW Oscar

DMC 3371 = WDW Molasses      DMC 3809 = WDW Peacock        DMC 3822 = WDW Goldenrod

DMC 3865 = WDW  Grits           DMC 3781 = WDW Grape Vine      And....

Also, I see a shift on the graph of three, horizontal, outline stitches on the horse in the front hoofs. Outline the hoof with a small box. The left and right edges of the graph does not show back stitches so continue the outline of the horse in the backs tail on the right margin of the graph, and make the letter "r" on "rings" on the left margin of the graph.

Thank you so much for your patience with these corrections, and thank you for stitching my designs.