New Releases March 2018

Four New Patterns are being released.

Flora and Fauna, a 4x8 design to fit into a new distressed wooden box. Linen is Weathered Shingles 36 ct from R & R. This includes a pin book. Here are the symbols, which did not copy and paste prior to publication. Sorry for the error!

Symbols: on the pattern

Threads used were all wool skeins

Black Triangle: GA Sampler 1140 Oatmeal   DMC 3866

Black Oval: GA Sampler 7042 Raven(Birds)

Diamond: GA Sampler 7066 Woodtrail (Deer)

White Dot: GA Shaker 7067  Garden Gate (Pot and  Border)

"X" GA Shaker 7082 Piney Woods

All Things Bright and Beautiful is a 4 x 8 design stitched on R & R Weathered Shingles 36 ct and mounted in a plum box from Lone Elm Lane.

All Creatures Great And Small is stitched on R & R 32 ct. Liberty Gathering Gray and mounted in our new 5.5" by 5.5" boxes with distressed finish. Colors shown are caramel, black iron,and stone gray.

Chart Correction: Dark X is Classic/Crescent Colors Caramel /DMC 3864. Squirrels black dot is Weeks Dye Works Seagull/DMC 646.

Hazel Hollyhock is stitched on R & R weather Shinges 36 ct. and is mounted in Lone ELm Lane's PIPE box in a new color....Charcoal, a new color for us....soft black.

Shaker Box Mounting Instructions

Lone Elm Lane Early Wooden Wares & Designs

Supplies Needed for Mounting on Shaker Boxes:

 (Read all directions before starting)



Needle with large eye and crochet thread or 6 strand DMC floss

Batting, whatever you have on hand or standard batting

Double sided foam tape

For mounting with Masonite rings:  

 I cut some batting the size of the ring and use one or two layers.

 Measure with ruler around the outside of the design marking  with pins a circle that is two inches larger all the way around the design (9.5-10” inch circle for the 6” box and 11.5-12” circle for the 8” box).

I baste stitch that circle around the design on the front side of the design.  Leave 3” tails on both ends. 

Lay stitching face down on table, center batting on top of stitching, followed by the ring and pull ends of basting threads and cinch, smoothing edges, tying  a very good knot on back.

You can tuck in corners and flatten more with iron is needed. Then I use Foam double stick foam squares or tape and adhere it to the batting in the center of the back and to the wood on the box lid.


Instead of attaching the batting to the box, I cut a circle out of calico quilt fabric. You can use the Masonite ring as a pattern.  Lay the calico right side up over the back of the cinched  stitching above, and then center it and pin a few places to keep it from shifting. Then I use sewing thread and use the needle to turn the edge of the calico under and make an applique stitch all around. This really makes a smooth back to stick the double face tape too.

Autumn Bliss

First I want to introduce to my customers and a new Pipe Box( woodenware) that I just released.  It took quite a bit of back and forth to get the design perfect, as you can see the frame is integrated into the box, so It doesn't look like a box with a frame stuck on it!.  It follows the curves of some old timey pipe boxes and I painted it aged pewter over caramel, and a second color released is caramel over aged pewter. (yep, just reversed them)   Those colors were Lone Elm Oldies, but  just happened to complement each other very nicely for the layered look. 

I released two new patterns for these pipe boxes, " Hopes and Dreams Mini Sampler" stitched on 36 count over two, with a verse and and garden...and birds.  The second pipe box patterns is a bouquet, "Sweet Fragrance" with a needle and pin book throwing back to the sweet fragrance of the pipe/tobaccos.   

Fall flowers patter and Le Cygnet Nooir was made for a black clamping pin cushion, which is also listed on this site.   Thanks for letting me chat and always open to suggestions, new ideas, colors..etc. 

I hope everyone has a blessed fall, filled with grace and mercies from our Lord, the only source of lasting peace and joy.



April 2017

Lone Elm Lane has introduced a new "Colonial" frame that is inspired by architectural woodwork,

specifically a baseboard.  You will have to see it to understand, but it hangs on a wall or stands,

has a removable back that allows easy switching of designs.  It was released with my new pattern

titled:  Swan Lake, which is a design that is original from Lone Elm Lane, but a throwback to the 

design style of Rufus Porter, a muralist that painted walls in homes (mansions) on the eastern 

seaboard in the 19th century.  

Also recently released is a pattern "Sweet Bird" with a verse that  I feel is appropriate, in that the

birds always seem cheerful despite the weather, or the predators, or hunger.

 The third pattern I released is a sort of Samplar. I used it as a Birth Samplar, but really the soft

colors and simple design would lend itself to any occassion, customize with names and dates,

change the vase color to Pecan Pie thread if less lacey look is desired.  As always, thanks for

looking at Lone Elm Lane. Please feel free to offer suggestions at




Thank you to all of my customers and shops who take the time to view Lone Elm Lane's web site!
I am working onr new woodenware designs and new patterns and new colors for 2016. 
I have had such wonderful feedback from customers and shops and that is the inspiration that fuels the design fires (wood and fabric). I really appreciate your feedback and support of my small business. 
I wish you all a blessed 2016,